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The Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Inc. is a Minnesota non-profit corporation formed in 2013. As a member, you will learn about birds and other wildlife that use the Sanctuary; be informed about volunteer opportunities and Friends' projects; and meet other people who appreciate and value this priceless place. Most importantly, you will help preserve and protect this unique urban natural area for current and future generations of birds and people. 

Please choose one of options below and if you are interested in making a donation of a different amount, we welcome it. Thank you!

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Mail your check to: 
Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary (FRBS)

c/o Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis

P.O. Box 3801
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Donate online using Venmo:
Venmo is a licensed money transmitter and authorized delegate of PayPal, Inc. Payments with Venmo are FREE. You can log into Venmo using your facebook account or email address.  NOTE: Please supply your name, mailing address, and email address when you pay, so that we can mail you a thank-you letter acknowledging the tax-deductibility of your donation.

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Paypal charges a 3% fee to all purchases. 

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Every amount helps.

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