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Roberts Bird Sanctuary in the News


Southwest Journal, June 2016

"Bird Oasis in the City"


“It’s just a wonderful place to go observe birds,” David Zumeta said.

“I encourage people to go explore it and respect it.”




MPR News, May 2014
Remembering Ornithologist Thomas Sadler Roberts


Roberts wrote Birds of Minnesota, regarded by many as a definitive account of Minnesota's winged creatures. His biographer, Sue Leaf, spoke about him recently at the wildlife sanctuary named in his honor.



Past Events

At the 4th annual meeting of the Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary (November 12, 2016), our speaker was Sue Leaf, author of A Love Affairs with Birds, the first full biography of Thomas Sadler Roberts, bird enthusiast, doctor, author, curator, educator, conservationist. "Every chapter in Roberts' life is also a chapter in the state's history, and in his story acclaimed author Sue Leaf--an avid bird enthusiast and nature lover herself--captures a true Minnesota character and this time."  ~ University of Minnesota Press


At the 3rd annual Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary meeting (November 21, 2015) Heather Holm spoke about trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that provide habitat for birds and other wildlife in the Sanctuary. Author of Pollinators of Native Plants and Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide, she is a passionate advocate for the use of native plants to attract and support pollinators, beneficial insects, and wildlife. 


The Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary stands in solidarity with the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis to protest FOR Bird safe glass. Please join us. Protest information is listed in our google calendar, there's an event listed on our Facebook page or you can email us for details. 

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