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Past Events

At Friends of Roberts' 5th annual meeting (November 4, 2017), legendary Minnesota birder Bob Janssen shared stories of his lifetime (over 80 years so far) of birding, including many visits to Roberts Bird Sanctuary. Bob has worked tirelessly to preserve and continue the legacy of Thomas Sadler Roberts, including with his book, Birds in Minnesota, a field guide to the distribution of over 400 species of birds in Minnesota, that continued Dr. Roberts work published in Birds of Minnesota.

At the 4th annual meeting of the Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary (November 12, 2016), our speaker was Sue Leaf, author of A Love Affairs with Birds, the first full biography of Thomas Sadler Roberts, bird enthusiast, doctor, author, curator, educator, conservationist. "Every chapter in Roberts' life is also a chapter in the state's history, and in his story acclaimed author Sue Leaf--an avid bird enthusiast and nature lover herself--captures a true Minnesota character and this time."  ~ University of Minnesota Press


At the 3rd annual Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary meeting (November 21, 2015) Heather Holm spoke about trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that provide habitat for birds and other wildlife in the Sanctuary. Author of Pollinators of Native Plants and Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide, she is a passionate advocate for the use of native plants to attract and support pollinators, beneficial insects, and wildlife. 


At the 2nd annual meeting of the Friends of Roberts (October 26, 2014), our special guest was Ann Marie Journey, a scientist, researcher, and Minneapolis Team Leader with the Hennepin County Wetland Health Evaluation Program (WHEP). Ann Marie provided an "insider's view" of the Sanctuary's wetland, including a historical perspective, current status, and how the wetland's health is monitored.

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